Inventing a bright future

At AppsDaddy, our main objective is to create a better tomorrow through our out-of-the-box digital inventions. Apart from this, we empower AI projects, innovative mobile applications and top thinkers with the help of our technology investment. As we believe ideas bring hope and togetherness brings mutual growth, actualization and success.


AppsDaddy is founded in 2013 as a start-up information technology company with a wide range of experts who are skillful at both digital and marketing research, development and innovation. Our mission is to create a brilliant future via our i-innovations which could improve wellbeing, productivity, communication, networking and lifestyle.


We design and develop original, high quality and well-performed computer programs. Each technical solution is delivered by understanding the nuances of configuration and constructing resolutions which are in accordance with international standard. Unrelenting pursuit of our goal is our commitment to corporate excellence.


Our core values are innovation, connection and creation. Innovation: to gather innovative ideas and empower digital engineering. Connection: to associate with i-innovators and flourish together. Creation: to create intelligent technology which deliver exceptional convenience and welfare for the global communities.

AI & You

The term Artificial Intelligence (AI) was coined by John McCarthy (a computer scientist who was known as the father of AI). He defined AI as “The science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs.”  Using AI technologies, computers or machines are trained to accomplish specific tasks by processing extensive data sets and identifying and learning the patterns in the data. Tesla (self-driving vehicles), Siri (Apple’s personal assistant) and Netflix (highly accurate movie recommendation algorithm) are some of the most powerful AI examples popularly applied in the current digital era. The pace of automation is accelerating and AI will change your world for the better.

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Daily Life

With AI, we can gain more by doing less and It is already interacting with us in our daily lives. Search engines, voice-to-text, GPS, Facebook newsfeed & photo’s face recognition, online purchase recommendation, OCR, intelligent security surveillance, smart cars etc. The incredibly powerful technology will continue to benefit and help us to solve our most pressing day-to-day problems.

The Planet

AI has great potential to help tackle environmental and sustainability challenges. In July 2017, Microsoft has launched a new program named AI for Earth, with the aim of putting artificial intelligence in the hands of researchers and organizations to drive new data insights that will help solve important issues related to water, agriculture, biodiversity and climate change.

Medical Care

Robotic surgery allows doctors to perform complex procedures at a distance with great precision and control. On the other hand, patients are facing to a lesser degree of traumatic surgery and much faster recovery. Machine learning is providing more profound impacts in the medical arena, eg improved diagnostic accuracy, personalized medicine services and personal health care assistants.

Mobile Apps

Integrating AI into mobile applications will bring app development to the next level of digital revolution, eg chatbot add-on. Chatbot helps collecting broad-scale data from customer inquiries, understanding customer dynamic requirements and providing efficient customer supports. Hence, increasing customer retention rate and achieving a closer customer and brand connection.

Business Growth

Machine learning, task automation and robotics are widely adopted in the modern corporate circle to maximize the chances of growth and success. AI helps companies to extract the ‘gems’ – market insight hidden in the data collection by processing the data points within minutes. Without AI, big data – ‘the new big oil’ of the digital economy will not be able to unleash its gigantic marketing value.

Banking System

Banks are applying AI in heavily-manual processes for accuracy, speed and cost-saving benefits. In addition, the brilliant technology has the ability to detect suspicious fraudulent activity in real time and offer seamless financial products to customers, thus protecting the financial sectors from facing great loss and simultaneously, unlocking new revenue streams.

Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Services

  • Product Development & Advisory (Business Planning & Concept)
  • Platform & Technology Development (Dapp & Wallet)
  • Legal & Compliance Advisory (ICO Compliance)
  • Whitepaper Writing
  • Smart Contract & ICO Coin Development (Tokenization)
  • ICO Pre-Sales Management (Pre-Sale Promotions)
  • ICO Community & Investor Relations (PR Service)
  • Escrow & Custodial Advisory (Third Party Agent)
  • Distribution & Treasury Management (Market Management)
  • Security Audits (Prevent Loop Holes/Hacks)
  • Cryptocurrency Debit Card
  • Social & Messaging Tools
  • Exchange Services (Listed on Crypto Exchange)

AppsDaddy Sdn Bhd

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